5 comments on “Testimonials
  1. We’ve used several inventory companies in the past and none can compare to Inventories4Rent, their attention to detail and comprehensive reports are invaluable to us and our business. The service is second to none and the speed and efficiency far exceeds our expectations…..thanks Inventories4Rent !

  2. We used to use a national inventory provider and were deeply unhappy with the service and quality of the reports. We visited the APIP website in the hope of finding a new inventory company to work with. We chose inventories4Rent and we are delighted with the service and quality of the reports as are our clients. We would have no hesitation in recommending the company.

  3. Private Landlord says:

    As a new landlord I had been somewhat naive when it came to the inventory. I’d foolishly thought an inventory was a simple list of contents together with a reasonable description of their condition. Despite what I thought were prudent endeavours, the ‘do it yourself’ approach I’d taken proved to be woefully inadequate. Just how inadequate I did not realise until a tenant left. There were issues, which I felt should have been strongly contested. However, the quality of the inventory that I’d prepared as a formal record of condition was quite simply too weak to take to an arbitration service. With no alternative but to accept this as a learning experience this proved to be a costly mistake. I now regard a robust and thoroughly prepared inventory as a form of good value for money insurance.

    Inventories 4 Rent provided an impressively comprehensive and professionally prepared report, all of which was delivered in a very quick turnaround. The whole experience was a testament to excellent customer service.

  4. Private landlord says:

    Inventories4rent provided has provided comprehensive and professional inventories for all my properties at a cost that I considered to be good value for money. The attention to detail, along with the easy to follow layout of the report and instructions as to how to use it properly were well ahead of my expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Inventories4rent to anyone who is involved in letting properties.

  5. Inventories4Rent have provided an Inventory and Inspection service for Hunters, Consett for approx. two years, the inventories are extremely thorough and are exactly what are needed for our industry in regards to any tenant deposit disputes.
    The quality and content and the reports are very in-depth and cover every element required and the photographs provide excellent evidence if required.
    Speed of service from Inventories4Rent has always been prompt and the reports are well laid out for tenants and landlords to follow.
    As an APIP accredited company there is no ambiguity when it comes to the reports and as a result it helps with tenant relations as they know it is purely independent.
    I cannot recommend this company enough and the cost element versus the result is well worth it.
    If you are looking for a safeguard to prevent deposit disputes in the future this is definitely the way forward, excellent service, excellent product and great team to work with.

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• Member of the ARLA Inventories ensuring that we meet industry best practice standards
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• Affordable prices
• Fast, personal service (all our reports are sent to you within 48 hours)
• Comprehensive, professional, easy to follow reports, including digital photographic evidence
• Honest and independent assessment of the condition of your property with the advantage that independent reports tend to add more weight in dispute resolution

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