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The main services offered are:

  • Inventory Reports in Sunderland, Durham, Newcastle and the surrounding areas
  • Tenancy Check-ins & Check-outs
  • Mid-term inspection and condition reports
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Any other property services requested by either Letting Agents or Private Landlords

Inventory Reports

An Inventory Report provides a factual record of the general and decorative condition and cleanliness of a rental property and its contents, fixtures and fittings at the time of inspection. Our reports are comprehensive, noting the existing state of all items and recording any damage or deterioration, backed up with digital images.  This report is compiled methodically starting at the entrance to the property, covering every room as well as any private outdoor space (if applicable).

Why do I need an inventory ?

For all Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs), Landlords are now legally obligated to protect a Tenant’s deposit in a valid Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme and comply with stringent conditions regarding any deductions from the Deposit at the end of the Tenancy.  A comprehensive, independent Inventory Report providing detailed documentation about the condition, fixtures & fittings and contents of the property at both the beginning and end of the Tenancy is therefore critical to ensure that any deductions for dilapidations or damage can be justified, dealt with quickly and fairly and avoid any costly disputes.  In the event of a disagreement, an independent adjudicator from one of the government appointed Deposit Protection Schemes will require these documents as evidence of the property’s condition before settling any dispute over deposit monies. An Inventory Report prepared by Inventories 4 Rent may assist this process as all parties are aware that the information included in the Report is independent, impartial and meets industry best practice standards.

Check in

On the day a Tenant moves into your property (but before they have started to install their possessions in the property), Inventories 4 Rent can meet them on your behalf at the property and run through the Inventory Report with them, noting any discrepancies or adding notes to the report, where relevant.  We can also note the meter readings and the number of keys that have been provided to the Tenant. Both the Landlord and Tenant need to sign the Inventory Report and copies will be provided to both parties.  Any discrepancies must be notified to Inventories 4 Rent within seven days of Check in, otherwise the Inventory Report will be deemed to be agreed and accurate.

If there are other documents you wish to have completed at the time of Check in, we are happy to do this on your behalf.

Check out

On the last day of the tenancy, Inventories 4 Rent can meet the Tenant on your behalf (where possible) at the property and run through the original Inventory Report with them, noting any missing or additional items and/or differences in the condition of items compared to that noted in the original Inventory Report.  The property will be reviewed for cleanliness compared to the move-in condition and meter readings will be taken. A Check out Report will then be compiled and submitted to the Lettings Agent or Landlord to allow them to decide whether the Tenancy Deposit should be returned in full.  If the Tenant is present, we can take the keys from them on your behalf.

Mid-term inspection reports

All Landlords and Letting Agents are advised to carry out such checks as it helps to ensure that the Tenant is looking after your valuable property asset in accordance with the Tenancy agreement.

Provided we have carried out an initial Inventory Report, we are happy to provide a mid-term inspection report at a lower cost. We will update our initial Inventory Report to record the current condition of the property, making any appropriate recommendations as to any maintenance required.  If we have not undertaken an initial Inventory Report, we can provide a mid-term inspection report, but the cost will be as if it were an initial Inventory Report.

Accompanied viewings

If you are unable to meet prospective tenants at your property for a viewing, we are happy to provide this service at an affordable price.

Areas covered

All areas within the North East of England.

Member Of
Inventories 4 Rent commitment to you:

• Member of the ARLA Inventories ensuring that we meet industry best practice standards
• We aim not to meet, but to exceed our customers expectations
• Affordable prices
• Fast, personal service (all our reports are sent to you within 48 hours)
• Comprehensive, professional, easy to follow reports, including digital photographic evidence
• Honest and independent assessment of the condition of your property with the advantage that independent reports tend to add more weight in dispute resolution

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T: 07961 773399

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